Leadership Academy 2022 - Explore. Connect.  Grow.

The 9th Annual Leadership Academy is in session!

We’ve created a learning community that puts professionals (existing and emerging) in position to influence and add value to Lewis County. We build pride in our local history and culture, and create highly skilled, motivated, and informed leaders. Using a growth mindset, we are ‘open to possibilities’ and use our knowledge and networks to enhance our civic infrastructure to create a more vibrant quality of life for all. We are passionate, reflective and action-oriented leaders of today and tomorrow who take our skills into our work, our community and our personal lives.

This year’s Leadership Academy will be led by Christie Andrus-Nakano, owner and operator of The Human Factor. The Human Factor is a unique coaching and leadership service that was born from the desire to better equip forward-thinking leaders, counsel them with in-depth and educated advice and address the challenges that come with managing professional teams. The Human Factor’s leadership training combines Christie’s years of education and experience to deliver programs that leverage differences, and build understanding and inspire action.

Session Dates

September 30
Meet & Greet – Facilitating Team Success

Leadership starts with knowing your team and identifying your strengths as individuals and as a group. This full day session is held at Oswegatchie Educational Center and will be the beginning of your journey in the Lewis County Leadership Academy

October 21
History & Agriculture in Lewis County

In order to plan the future we need to know the past. This session will give you a glimpse into how Lewis County came to be by touring historic sites across the county and taking a deep dive into our oldest industry, agriculture.

November 18
Community Services – Strengths Based Leading

Community service organizations play a huge role in supporting the residents, businesses and life in Lewis County. We will spend part of our day learning about how they help the health of our community. We will also discuss the concept of appreciative inquiry and the benefits of leading from our strengths.

December 16
Effective Communication

As a leader, you need to be able to clearly and succinctly explain to others everything from organizational goals to specific tasks. Leaders must master all forms of communication, including one-on-one, social conversations, public speaking as well as communication via the phone, email, and social media.

January 27
Ages, Stages & Diverse Needs

The culture of Lewis County comes from a variety of sources. Demographics play a huge role in a communities culture. This includes gender, age, education, socioeconomic factors and more. Learn more about where our strengths currently are and how we can encourage growth.

February 10
Economic Development & Tourism – Being Confident

After the Business Leaders Breakfast, Brittany Davis of Naturally Lewis, will introduce her vision for the economy of Lewis County and our area, the opportunities available to our residents, the steps that are taken to attract and retain businesses and the huge role that tourism plays in supporting our economy.

March 10
Government: Opportunities – Managing Change
Military: Links to the World

Living in Northern New York does not mean that we don’t have connections across the world. One of our biggest assets is Fort Drum. The military families that live and work in our communities add to our diversity and bring unique perspectives. Learn about their mission and experiences in supporting our country and learn how we can assist in supporting our troops.

May 12
Building Healthy Communities – Developing Strategy
June 16
Partner Presentation


Leadership Academy registration is closed at this time. 

The mission of the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is to nurture and promote commercial, recreational and community activities, which enhance the quality of life and general prosperity of the people of Lewis County.