11th Annual Toy Giveaway

Forest Finds Thrift Store of the Forest Presbyterian Church is having their 11th annual Christmas/Toy Giveaway, 9 am to 3 pm. Participants are asked to call the church at 315-348-8119 to make an appointment. Read more about it here: https://mcusercontent.com/a1b1f1def2edd421c3cba51c5/files/f135f6cb-bb4f-4769-8fe9-a906006572f3/Forest_Finds_Thrift_Store_of_the_Forest_Presbyterian_Church_is_having_their_11th_annual_Christmas_Toy_Giveaway_December_12th_9_am_to_3_pm._Participants_are_asked_to_call_the_church_at_315_348_8119_to_make_an_appo.pdf

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