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Beer Garden open on Fridays and Saturdays in Lowville, NY as long as the weather cooperates!
“Skewed” distribution is a statistical term that measures “asymmetry” (lack of similarity) in a “bell curve” (the bell-shaped graph that occurs when plotting data based on normal meaured traits).
In “normal distribution” there should be a roughly equal number of occurrences of a measured trait on both sides of the mid-point of the bell curve.
The “skewness” (percent of difference) statistic measures how great a change there is in the number of trait occurrences on either side of the mid-point of the curve.”

Hardy Hospitality has multiple properties available for rent in the Adirondacks Tug Hill Region – the perfect spot for outdoor recreation. They have properties on French Pond, Long Pond, Oswegatchie River and Skaneateles Lake. If you’re looking for a wonderful outdoor retreat – visit their website to see their available vacation rentals.

Comlacht provides 5 Star Cleaning Services for short term rentals such as AirBnB, VRBO, and more.

Contact them today to have your property cleaned at the great standards.

Zehr’s Flowers & Landscaping has been providing the horticultural needs for Lewis County and surrounding areas since 1984. They are a second-generation family-owned small business carrying on the tradition of amazing service.

75 campsites located along and near the scenic Black River in Lewis County NY.

A small bar offering a wide variety of NYS craft draft beers, seltzers, wines, and ciders. The Bateman Drafthouse also offers food with local businesses in mind.

Live Mindfully with Lee Michael.

Get accessible and personalized wellness care in-person or from the comfort of your home.

Lee Michael is a Mindful and Somatic Based Coach and Meditation Teacher with particular skill in listening, connecting, and understanding each client’s unique narrative. Lee will collaborate with you to help you discover your goals and meet them. Whether that goal is to gain a better fitting job, reduce immense stress, or discover serenity, Lee will help you develop a plan with actionable steps.

Whitaker Park, one of the ADK Tug Hill region’s hidden jewels, offers its visitors one of Lewis County’s best views of the Black River Valley and the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains.

Rural overnight camping facilities available.

Day use visitors and overnighters can make use of the children’s play area, ball fields, pavilions, and picnic area.

No reservations for camping spots. Call Steven Hirschey (315-286-6487) for Pavilion Reservations.

The Martinsburg Historical Society (MHS) is the primary organization in the Town of Martinsburg, Martinsburg, NY that collects artifacts and documents that reflect the history of Martinsburg.

Yousey’s Cleaning Service provides residential and commercial services.

Yousey’s is here to help you if life has gotten to busy – let them clean up the mess so you can rest.

Services include: Estate clean outs, carpet steam cleaning, office cleaning, dusting & vacuuming service with hepa filters, and emergency/after hours cleaning services are also available.

Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Contract Rates are available.

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The mission of the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is to nurture and promote commercial, recreational and community activities, which enhance the quality of life and general prosperity of the people of Lewis County.