• Our Backyard, Your Adventure

  • Our Backyard, Your Adventure

  • Our Backyard, Your Adventure

  • Our Backyard, Your Adventure

The Lewis County Chamber of Commerce

The Lewis County Chamber of Commerce was organized in 1945 to promote business and economic activity in Lewis County through the efforts of its membership and staff. As such, the Chamber administers county, state, and federal grant programs whose funding is designated for business, economic development, and tourism purposes. But our success lies within the actions of our members; we are only as strong as our member participation.

A significant benefit of living in Lewis County is our quality of life. We have safe communities with considerable natural beauty. As a group, the Chamber is dedicated to enhancing this quality of life and the general prosperity of Lewis County residents. We accomplish this by promoting agricultural, professional, commercial, recreational, industrial, and community activities of the area.

This is also an area of new economic growth. County leaders are dedicated to a plan of economic prosperity, welcoming businesses, large and small, and implementing plans for aggressive economic growth. Lewis County offers the best of both worlds: an area where businesses can flourish while the owners, managers, and employees enjoy healthy lifestyles that include low crime, great schools for their children, and many outdoor recreational opportunities.

Ongoing economic development is important to any growing area. We strive to maintain consistent economic growth by retaining business and industry with a strong economy and, where the economy may have weaknesses, we supplement with incentive programs and financial assistance for small business and industry.

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Advertising and sponsorship opportunities

In Annual events like Riverfest, golf tournament and Annual Meeting & Awards Ceremony.

Notary and Certificate of Origin Services

Free of charge.

Enhanced website listing

With link to businesses website/social media accounts, map locator, keywords and more.

Referral Program


On many special events, publications and programs: Lewis County Leadership Academy, Cuisine Trail, ATV Trail Map etc.

Lewis County Ca$h program

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Close Relationships

With Lewis County Economic Development, Development Authority of the North County and Small Business.

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Monthly information sessions for a free or discounted rate.

5% Discount

On ADK Tug Hill Merch.

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Including upcoming Chamber events, updates on community and governmental concerns, current hot topics, new member and member submitted highlights.

Quarterly Member Surveys

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The mission of the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is to nurture and promote commercial, recreational and community activities, which enhance the quality of life and general prosperity of the people of Lewis County.