Waterfalls in Lewis County

Waterfalls hold a special place in the natural landscape of a rivers and creeks. They give you the opertunity to experiance the power of water and at the same time the freshness and beauty. Lewis County is a great area to see an array of waterfalls, several of which are very accessible to the public.

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They include:
Collinsville Falls - seasonal - only flowing in the sping and after heavy rains
Double Eddies (Taylorville Falls)
Eatonville Falls (off Pine Grove Road) - small falls, but loved by kayakers
Elmer Falls (2 miles East of Belfort on Beaver River) - no land path, only accessable by canoe/kayak
Effley Falls (off the Effley Falls Road East of Belfort) - no land path, only accessable by canoe/kayak
High Falls (0.5 miles south of Copenhagan on Deer River Road) - private land, not open to the public
Inman Gulf (in Barnes Corners off of Route 177) - many hiking trails in that area with a trail that leads to the Inman Gulf falls (may also be called Rainbow Falls)
Kilbourn Falls (North-East of Belfort) - Access may be gained via a trail across private land in support of the public fishing rights. A footbridge across the West Branch of the Oswegatchie River is located above the falls
King Falls (3 miles south of Copenhagan on Deer River Road)
Lyons Falls (60'+ cascading falls on Black River next to the mill)
Milkhouse Falls is on the Milkhouse Road in Turin behind the Orthodox Church (closed during fall for hunting)
Mill Creek West Lowville?
Mile Brook Falls - private property (please respect all land owners)
Shingle Mill Falls (in Brantingham along the blueberry trail - off the Patridgeville Rd)
Singing Waters (small park on the Fish Creek Road in Greig/Brantingham)
Sugar River Falls (may be the same as Talcottville Falls)
Talcottville Falls (on Sugar River just north of Boonville on Route 12D in Talcottville)
Gleasman Falls
Whetstone Gulf State Park Water Falls (50'+ falls on Whetstone Creek with other smaller falls)
Whitaker Park Falls (Glenfield area)
Falls near the bridge on Rudd Road (off of Pine Grove Road)
Six falls on the Lower Moose River--(Fowlerville Falls, Sliding Rock or Knife's Edge, Double Drop, Ager's Bay Falls, Crystal Falls, and Magilla)

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