Adirondacks Tug Hill


With more than 175,000 acres, a long season and a mix of woodlands and open fields, Lewis County offers some of the finest hunting in New York State. Black powder, archery and regular seasons all offer opportunities for hunters to enjoy fall in the Adirondacks.

Located in the Northern Zone, the county offers an exciting variety of conditions ranging from rural to total wilderness and the convenience of a motel, the warmth of a bed & breakfast, roadside camping, or tranquility of backpacking into remote areas.

The Adirondack Foothills in the eastern section of the county represent a descent from 3,000 feet to 400 feet with up to 80 percent forested.

The Black River Valley is predominantly brushland with the majority of the land privately owned.

Tug Hill Plateau on the western side of the county begins at 1,000 feet and tops off at 1,900 feet and is 37-67 percent forested; there is farming on some of the slopes.

Though the Northern Zone is home to fewer deer than the Southern Zone because of range quality and winter severity conditions, hunting pressure is light, with only roughly 30 percent of the bucks taken during the entire season. If you are looking for big racks, the more remote sections are your best choice.

Early Bear Season- first two weeks of hunting season when bear are actively preparing for hibernation
Deer/Bear Primitive Weapons Season- early bear season through the first four weeks of gunning season
Bow Hunting - dear and bear of either sex
Muzzleloading - seven-day season for dear of either sex Small Game/Bird Hunting

In addition to bear and dear, rabbit, ruffed grouse, woodcock, and turkey can be found throughout Lewis County, especially on Tug Hill and the northern sections of the county.