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Adirondacks Tug Hill

Lyons Falls, NY

In 1794, agroup of French refugees made their way north from Rome over the Steuben Hills. They crossed the Black River to the east side just below the 70-foot falls. This settlement was called High Falls (Lyons Falls). The trail through these woods became known as the French Road. The first homes in Lyons Falls were made of logs. Several early wooden homes, as well as two stone houses, are still in use. The Black River Canal was opened to Lyons falls in 1855. This waterway was of great importance in opening up the north for shipping to New York and other cities. A cannon made in a nearby factory was fired to herald the opening.

The Gould Mansion in Lyons Falls is a Richardsonian Romanesque complex built in 1902 by G.H.P. Gould, paper mill entrepreneur. The mansion is privately owned and is listed in the National and State Register of Historic Places. The Lyons Falls Library is located in the carriage house of the Gould Mansion. It even has a real carriage inside made by Peter McGovern in 1920. Forest Presbyterian Church. Laura Street, was dedicated in 1854. In 1909, St. Johnís Catholic Church was built. The building that houses Dolhof True Value Hardware, Inc. has a long history as ahardware store. Itwas used by Peter Bidinger for ablacksmith and wagon shop. Mr. Bidinger also sold paint and had a hay scale in the front of his property. Part of his buildings became known as Doyle Hardware and is now Dolhof Hardware.

Lyons Falls Pharmacy Museum, also Falls Pharmacy, has on exhibit bottles, pharmaceutical equipment, and other memorabilia dating back 100 or more years. Prescriptions from early 1900s are on display. A unique three-way bridge was in use for many years. It crossed the Black River just before the falls. When one reached the middle, there were two ways to go. Near the end of the bridge, there were again two choices of direction. The bridge has been removed.