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Adirondacks Tug Hill

Beaver River

Flowing from the Adirondack Mountains, near Lake Lila in Long Lake, to the Black River at Naumberg, NY is a river known as the Beaver River. Hydropower projects along the Beaver River, created between 1905 and 1920, were made possible due to the Beaver Riverís high gradient as it drops out of the Adirondack Mountains. Because of these projects, there are a chain of very productive fisheries in the reservoir chain. Northern Pike, Pickeral, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Bullhead, Catfish, Muskellenge, Carp, and Sunfish live in the Beaver River making it a popular fishing destination. The Beaver River is not only a popular destination for fishing, but a destination for whitewater kayakers and canoeists. There is an easy 14-mile paddle beginning just below Moshier Powerhouse and continuing to the High Falls Pond take-out.

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